NEWSLETTER - 24 October 2014

South Africa National Convention Bureau (SANCB) Campaign to Profile Conference Venues

SANCB is running a social media campaign featuring conference venues across the country. Should you wish to feature your conference venues on the South African Tourism National Convention Bureau social media platforms kindly send Nonhlanhla or Richard a few facts on the conference/convention venues of your property as per below guidelines:

  • A list of conference rooms in your Property
  • 3 - 4 facts about your property
  • One photograph of each property

Kwalata representing at European trade show

Charl Pretorius from Kwalata Ranch sends us news that he is travelling in Europe with a Fair Trade Show promoting Kwalata with the USP "First Night in Africa" - he was in Switzerland and Austria and is now in Germany.

Here is a picture Charl sent us of the conference room in Dusseldorf where he was about to present.

Ensure you are complying with the immigration act

Letter from member, Daneel Lombard, Olive Insurance Brokers:

"Hope you are all well. In light of the number of bilking claims and fraudulent use of credit cards, I thought I'll take a moment merely bring your attention back to some important sections of the Immigration Act, and that it is very important to ensure that you know who is using your establishments. As far as the requirements for accommodation establishments are concerned the Immigration Act and Regulations state :-
Section 40 of the Immigration Act

40. (1)
Any business offering overnight accommodation shall make a good faith effort to identify its customers as citizens or status holders and shall report in the prescribed form to the Department any failure to effect such identification.

40. (2)
When subsection (1) is not complied with and an illegal foreigner is found on any premises referred to in that subsection, it shall be presumed that such illegal foreigner was harboured by the person who has control over such premises, unless prima facie evidence to the contrary is adduced.

Section 36 of the new Immigration Regulations -

Keeping of registers of lodgers by certain persons
36. (1)
The classes of premises contemplated in section 40(1) of the Act are-
(a) hotels and motels;
(b) boarding houses and lodges;
(c) guest houses; and
(d) apartment buildings.

36. (2)
The register contemplated in section 40(1) of the Act shall-
(a) be safeguarded by a duly authorised person for a period of two years; and
(b) in respect of a lodger, contain-
(i) his or her full names and surname;
(ii) a copy of his or her identification document or passport;
(iii) his or her residence status in the Republic;
(iv) his or her normal residential address; and
(v) his or her signature.

Therefore if a client does not want to produce their ID, merely refer them to this Act, they will hopefully understand, and if they don't, then it is obvious that they should not be there.

Prevention is always better than a cure. Have an awesome day.

Please forward your questions to

First lion cubs for the Northern Pride in Dinokeng Game Reserve

Dinokeng is boasting some new little residents of the feline kind!

The first four cubs of the Northern Pride have been born. Their mother, the youngest member of the pride, is a good huntress and is the most successful hunter in the pride. (All images taken by Stefan Toerien).

To stay informed follow Mongena Rangers and Dinokeng.


Cool Capital on the Go!

You may have noticed some interesting urban furniture being installed around the city lately. It's the Cool Capital bench initiative! It will definitely be worth your while to make a trip to these locations to view the creative furniture:

  • Francois Visser's bench installed at the Pretoria Art Museum.
  • Alexander von Klitzing's bench at the Association of Arts Pretoria.
  • Izanne Wiid's bench at the Jan Celliers park.
  • Cool Capital Logo bench can be found at the Gautrain station.
  • Tabi Tabe 's bench at the Ditsong Museum of Natural History.
  • George Magampa's bench at City Hall Gardens at Chief Tshwane
  • The Sybrand Wiechers (Snorbankie) on Church Square at Café Riche.
  • Reply Mahlangu's bench at the new TRT station on Nana Sita street.

Get details on this and other art installations around the city on Facebook.

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