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Indaba 2014 shortened, focused on engagements

Indaba 2014 will be condensed into three days and take place from May 10-12. The form of the trade show will also change to focus on engagement and networking rather than large and elaborate stands. This included the introduction of two new areas and the rebranding of Indaba.

These are some of the developments that Jan Hutton, CMO SA Tourism, shared with the trade at a briefing hosted by SATSA in Sandton this week. Hutton emphasised that the transition would take place over two years and would also be informed by feedback from the trade.

Hutton admitted that Indaba no longer owned the trade show space in South Africa but faced competition from other players and also that Indaba had stagnated over the years. She added that in her new role at SA Tourism, she was committed to making the trade show relevant again.

According to Hutton, while the increased competition provided by the additional trade shows forced everyone to "up their game", it did not do the trade any favours. "By and large we've all had fragmented budgets," said Hutton, adding that exhibitors had to decide whether to split their budget into three trade shows or triple their trade show budget. Hutton added that SA Tourism was in discussions with other trade shows in terms of synergies and partnerships.

SA Tourism would add two new areas to Indaba - a hosted buyers' zone and an exhibitors' zone, said Hutton. The hosted buyers' zone, or hosted buyers' village, would consist of three key areas that would offer different levels of engagement. These three areas will be the Premium Lounge, Buyer Cocoons and Buyer Connect. "We're looking at 400 to 600 hosted buyers," she added.

Buyer Connect would give exhibitors an opportunity to meet face to face with hosted buyers in short informal meeting sessions. Exhibitors can choose which buyers they want to meet, based on buyer profiles, and queue to meet them. She said these sessions would take place between 16h00 and 18h00 on a first-come, first-served basis and hosted buyers would be contractually obligated to attend this session.

The Premium Lounge would have space for 150 exhibitors, although this would be extended in future shows. Exhibitors in this area would be given a minimum of 42 scheduled meetings. She said this was for exhibitors who wanted back-to-back meetings with buyers. Hutton said buyers would be profiled so that exhibitors could know who the buyers were before the show started.

The Buyer Cocoon would have WiFi access as well as a coffee bar. Hutton said that while this area might be a private buyer space, there would also be a concierge who would facilitate setting up meetings between exhibitors and buyers.

The exhibitor zone would be laid out by zoning experiences instead of areas. For example, she said, instead of zoning Mpumalanga and Limpopo and the Kruger, safari products would be grouped together.

Hutton said the exhibitor zone would give exhibitors access to the latest travel technologies. She said exhibitors would be able to speak to representatives from online marketing platforms to find out how the various platforms, such as Expedia and TripAdvisor, were relevant to their business.

The exhibitors' zone would also include a networking area where snacks would be served and possibly private functions hosted in the evenings.

Indaba 2014 will again feature a poken system to enable connections after the trade show, said Hutton. She added that this would be facilitated by Indaba Connect vending machines that would allow delegates to download contact details.

SA Tourism will package pre- and post-Indaba tours for hosted buyers and Indaba delegates, said Hutton. She added that these tours would be packaged on the Indaba website and offered to delegates at special rates. Responding to criticism from a member of the trade that hosted buyer tours had overlapped with the trade show last year, Hutton committed to ensure this would not happen.

Speaking about rebranding the tradeshow, Hutton said the creative messaging around Indaba would focus on pitching the show as an African trade show. She added that the marketing collateral would emphasise the people of the continent, which is what made Africa unique.

Hutton said that while the show would become a pan-African trade show, SA Tourism would ensure that a minimum level of SA representation would be maintained, although a figure was yet to be determined.

Indaba would again host a speed marketing session with buyers. She said this year's themes would likely be hidden treasures, urban vibes and adventure. According to Hutton these themes were chosen based on market demands in the dominant European markets as well as trends in emerging markets.

Responding to a suggestion that the provincial stands, with SMMEs, detracted from the show, Hutton said that part of SA Tourism's mandate was to develop SMMEs, so these stands would continue to be included in the show. However, she added that SA Tourism would provide training to exhibiting SMMEs and she would consider integrating a mentorship programme, as suggested by a member of the trade.

According to Hutton, Indaba 2014 will again include an opening ceremony but there will be space for an event more focused on buyers and exhibitors. She added that SA Tourism would also look at sponsorships in order to host networking events.

Finally, Hutton committed to work closely with the trade in the future to ensure Indaba was relevant to the industry and delivered a return on exhibitors' investment. David Frost, SATSA CEO, said he would continue to encourage engagement and relationship building between SA Tourism and members of the trade.


Love our Tshwamazing spring race

Cot hosted a "race" linking participants- marketing and Tourism students, Open Window Design and Film students, Vega, tour operators, sponsors, attraction site owners, members of the community, MMC's and Senior Management on 29 & 30 November 2013.

The race is part of the Spring Campaign which aims at encouraging the residents and visitors of Tshwane to visit the tourism attraction sites; creating dialogue and excitement amongst the residents and tourism in the city in terms of its USP's and creating a huge interest in the city with creative initiatives that target the correct markets on a continuous basis.

This was the 3rd Tshwamazing race in the City. The 1st one was in April 2012 and was called the Tshwamazing Freedom race to celebrate the Freedom month. The Freedom route was targeted in these instances.

The second one was in September 2012 as part of the Spring Campaign Celebrations in the City. This is the 3rd one and was bigger and exciting that the two previous ones with exciting prizes won.

Tshwane TV, campus radio station and Mamelodi & Soshanguve FM broadcasted the race. Campus radio stations were requested to follow the contestants throughout the duration of the race for the two days, encouraging the participants and assisting with the clues.

The winner of the 2013 #Tshwamazing Race is team Shoma (Radio dj's)

A hotline to alleviate traffic struggles

The Tshwane Metro Police Department is intent on ensuring good service delivery to Tshwane's residents and visitors to the city.

Consequently a hotline has been established by the Department where the public can report traffic hitches such as non-functional traffic lights, accidents and stationary vehicles in Tshwane. Reported incidents will be communicated to the relevant region for attention.

The contact number is 082 611 9971 or 012 358 9524
Contact person: Isaac Mahamba - SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT
Tshwane Metro Police Department: Road Policing, By-law Enforcement and Crime Prevention
Telephone: 012 358 9524
Cell phone: 082 611 9971


Fair Trade Tourism Raises Awareness Of Sexual Abuse Of Children In The Tourism Industry

Since the World Cup in 2010, Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) has been the Local Code Representative (LCR) in South Africa of The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (referred to as The Code). Additionally, FTT is proud to be an elected Board Member of this global initiative - a multi-stakeholder organisation that has been created as a practical tool for the tourism industry in taking action against the commercial sexual exploitation of children, with its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. According to the latest Country Report of ECPAT International we face a challenge in South Africa of up to 30,000 underage children who are commercially sexually exploited (actual figure is probably even higher). This growing illegal industry mainly evokes out of underlying causes such as poverty, hunger, increasing numbers of orphans and child headed households, etc.

To bring these sad facts into the open, The Code developed a new strategy, designed to address this issue in an appropriate way. Tourism businesses are invited to act pro-actively according to their Corporate Social Responsibility principles in combating commercial sexual exploitation of underage persons and sign up as supportive members to The Code of Conduct. To prove that this organisation is on the right path they have just recently won the Skål Award for Sustainable Development in Tourism, established by the eponymous international association of tourism professionals. Therefore, being an active Member of The Code is evidence of a tourism companies' commitment towards sustainable and ethical tourism, by taking tangible actions to help protect children from sexual exploitation. The actions can easily be implemented with the six criteria that have been established to support companies in their day-to-day operations. To find more about the criteria and how to implement those please go to

Further, South Africa is becoming a highly respected destination for responsible tourism, with a number of tourism companies already operating in the field of responsible travel. As such, FTT calls out to every tourism business to sign the Code of Conduct and stand pro-actively against child abuse. To become a Member, apply online on the website at or contact FTT for further information: As a Member of The Code, you become part of a committed global network of responsible tourism businesses, from the largest hotel chains to responsible small-scale tour operators and travel agencies.

"We see the 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children as a wonderful opportunity to call upon all citizens and travellers in South African to cherish our children," says Kathy Bergs, General Manager of Fair Trade Tourism

Freedom Park Hosts 'Muller Potgieter Memorial' Road Race

On Saturday 30 November 2013, Freedom Park in partnership with Voortrekker Monument Running and Walking Club, hosted the 'Muller Potgieter Memorial' Road Race, to contribute to social cohesion, reconciliation and nation building.

This race was named after the athlete Muller Potgieter who was born in the Free State in 1945. He did exceptionally well in athletics, and even participated in various marathons, which also included the Comrades Marathon in 1967. Unfortunately on 22 March 1969, Muller Potgieter was in a tragic vehicle accident on the N4 road near Middelburg, not realising that his vehicle collided into the vehicle of his parents. He died on the scene, and his mother passed away six weeks later. This race is in commemoration of Potgieter's devotion and passion for athletics.

The Voortrekker Monument Running and Walking Club were founded in 2006. Since the inception, the club also presented the 'Muller Potgieter Memorial' Race, which was taken over from the Tshwane University of Technology. This is the 45th consecutive running of the race. The 'Muller Potgieter Memorial' Race is the oldest races in Pretoria that has brought people of all walks of life together. The club is an Athletics Gauteng North and Athletics SA registered club.

'I believe that this project will bring together men and women from all walks of life. The Voortrekker Monument Running and Walking Club share our values of reconciliation, nation building and social cohesion. This new partnership will enable us to take hands and present at least one marathon on an annual basis' says Fana Jiyane, CEO of Freedom Park.

Runners and walkers from all walks of life participated. The race presented in 15, 10 and 5 kilometre fun run/walk, with a time limit of 3 hours. After the race, the first 2 000 runners were presented with 2 000 medals, as proof of participation sponsored by Freedom Park.

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