NEWSLETTER – 14 December 2018

In-service training at Capital Hotel School

Tourism establishments (restaurants, hotels, lodges, guest houses, commercial kitchens, etc.) can now enrol their staff members for in-service training, with only a few contact days at the Capital Hotel School campus in Pretoria throughout the year. Employees can also register and pay for themselves to obtain a formal CATHSSETA qualification while working in the industry.

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Update on Salmonella from the Weldhagen Eggs team

There is not enough real evidence to pinpoint the origin of the recent outbreak and it might also have originated from more than one source. However, some of the current facts are as follows:

  • a substantial number of eggs was imported from Brazil in the last 2-3 months.
  • Eggs that have been taken out of the shell and left in the open are more susceptible to contamination, especially when a sauce (such as hollandaise sauce) is added. Sauce must be heated above 75 degrees Celsius for more than 2 minutes to ensure safety.
  • Salmonella contamination has been detected in KwaZulu-Natal.

Indications are that a combination of the first two points are the source of the recent outbreak.

Weldhagen Eggs is one of a selected few egg producers that is fully vertically integrated. We have control, from our own feeding mills to the chicken farms to the pack station as well as the distribution of the eggs to the end user. This helped us to achieve another 90%+ food safety audit last year.

Weldhagen Eggs has always put a lot of emphasis on food safety. We started to implement and comply to the food safety procedure in 2004. Last year we scored yet another 90%+ score in our audit.

We continually test for Salmonella and have done so for the last decade. These reports can be requested from

All our birds are tested for Salmonella before they are placed.

Our pack station also gets tested for Salmonella traces and these tests can also be requested from Marcel at the email address above.

We have traceability on every product that leaves our distribution centre. This includes tracing back the farm from which the eggs came, the packaging used and which employees worked in which sector during a particular stage of the day.

We can proudly say we have always been free of Salmonella. See certificates

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Know your suppliers - The Nova Chocolate story

Nova chocolate is a company comprised of a team that are passionate about creating and supplying healthier, delicious, chocolate products.

Nova Chocolate products are manufactured locally using imported and local ingredients.

The Nova Chocolate range offers the most delicious artisanal tempered chocolate temptations which are vegan friendly, diabetic friendly, contain no sucrose and our products are gluten and dairy free.

Everyone loves chocolate! The great thing about chocolate is that it is an amazing platform for creativity allowing Nova the opportunity to wow our customers with great flavour combinations. The health benefits and feel-good qualities of cocoa are also under-estimated, and chocolate tends to be considered unhealthy – a trend we at Nova aim to change.

Dylan Jonnson, Chief Chocolatier at Nova Chocolate, himself a vegan, outlined his journey with chocolate making:

"I secured a position at the Michelangelo 5-star hotel in Sandton which started my career as a chef. Thereafter I got an opportunity to work in Scotland at a small boutique hotel in the mountains, where every day the menu changed. This opened my eyes and allowed me to explore the potential of food and not to get stuck in a rut with the same boring menu.

I fell in love with Chocolate 15 years ago and in 2010 and opened a small restaurant where everything on the menu had chocolate in it. In 2011, I opened a catering company to make premium chocolate products. To have a better understanding about the business I joined the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship where I got the chance to cater for Sir Richard Branson as well as make exclusive branded chocolates for him. In 2017, Nova Chocolate evolved."

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Insurance discounts for Tshwane Tourism Association members

Did you know if you have a Bryte BnB Sure policy through Olive Insurance Brokers you can now get a 15% discount as a TTA member.

The BnB Sure policy is available to accommodation establishments up to 30 (40) rooms. Olive also offer hospitality policies with Santam and Hospitality and Leisure.

Find out how the discounts work.

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