NEWSLETTER - 23 March 2011

TTA Soup Kitchen Project

What is the TTA Soup Kitchen Project? It is part of the associations social responsibility portfolio dedicated to alleviating hunger in the Pretoria CBD area by uniting the public and private sectors, raising awareness of hunger needs and physically providing assistance to charities who provide food for homeless persons in our city. The primary commitment to be served is for members to donate soup to to be distributed to hungry people through an efficient network of charities.

Some Hunger Facts

  • Millions are affected by hunger
  • One in five children go hungry part of every month
  • Hunger effects:
    • how people perform at work
    • how children perform in school
    • how people view their communities and their lives
  • More than enough food is wasted each year than is needed to feed all of our nation's hungry

How many people go through their hectic days and suddenly realize they are famished: They forgot or were too busy to eat breakfast and lunch? Everyone knows how terrible that feeling is: The person is irritable, unable to concentrate, tired, and they usually starts consuming the first thing they can. What if the person could not eat, not just because they were too busy, rather because they were unable to provide the necessary food they and their family need to survive. Worldwide this is a reality and no different in South Africa. According to Bread for the World Institute's Web site, more than 800 million people in the world go hungry. In developing countries six million children die each year; mostly from hunger-related causes. The new need is attributed to job loss, reduction in hours, loss of senior investment income, and overall recession.

Many people are not aware there is a problem locally. You can help by volunteering soup contributions, making donations, or simply spreading the word about hunger. Association Members have already contributed hundreds of litres of soup this year and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members who have generously given unselfishly to this needy cause. Winter is however on it's way and the need for soup and other donations increases during this period of cold weather.

For more information on the TTA Soup Kitchen Project or how you can help, call Vanessa Ngwana (012) 841 2593 or Ruby Gangiah at (012) 346 0332. A structured roster of product owners contributing soup is kept in the TTA office where Vanessa coordinates deliveries with the various charities and there is always room for more companies to join in the effort and make a contribution. If you are unable to provide soup you are welcome to make a cash donation to the charities who use the funds.

City of Tshwane Tourism Activities & Stakeholder Meeting

A very informative and useful tourism stakeholder meeting was hosted by Jacob Mahlangu, Executive Director: Tourism at the Manhattan Hotel on 15 March 2011 and the following presentations were given:

Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) progress
Jacob announced that Dr John Maluleke has been appointed to render project facilitation services with the aim to forming the long awaited Tshwane Regional Tourism Organisation (TRTO). Dr Maluleke confirmed that a business plan and a project plan is in place, he presented the project plan to the meeting and said that the selection of an audit firm to register the Section 21 Company should be finalised by next week. The current Tshwane Tourism Action Team (TTAT) will form the interim board for the RTO for the purposes of registering the company which is anticipated to happen by 31 March 2011. A proper Board and a CEO should be appointed by the end of April 2011 through a transparent and proper nomination and recruitment process. Dr Maluleke will then hand over to the Board and CEO by the end of May 2011 and close the project with a report to the City Council.

Gauteng Tourism Association's (GTA) representation of Tshwane
Mbuyiselo Kona, GTA Senior Manager: Institutional Relations gave a presentation on the Gauteng Institutional Framework and alignment between Tshwane and GTA. Mbuyiselo said that he challenges Tshwane to create a common tourism agenda between private sector, communities and local government. He correctly stated that Tshwane's approach to tourism is fragmented and that this is not conducive to providing the relevant publics with a strong brand identity for the city. GTA would like to encourage the regions to have regional Unique Selling Propositions so that it can complement the USP's of the other regions of the Gauteng Province and not fight for the same business. This is only possible through private sector participation and engagement with local and regional government. The USP's that are highlighted for Tshwane in the TRTO Business Plan are
1) Capital City;
2) Leadership;
3) Tshwane linked to SA's identity & branding;
4) Change/flexibility/market variation.
The consolidated Metsweding USP proposals is
5) Outdoor wildlife & cultural events;
6) Diamond Mining & Agritourism.

Gauteng Tourism Association (GTA) website and booking system
Rudolph van Zyl, GTA ICT manager presented the new look GTA website and gave a presentation on the proposed integration of a similar site for Tshwane on the platform. This project is a work in progress and more information will be forwarded as soon as decisions are made. Jacob requested that the "Pretoria" link on the current site be changed to "Tshwane" and members are once again urged to submit marketing material about attractions or events that are happening in Tshwane to enhance awareness of the tourism products, experiences and events in Tshwane. Events can be forwarded on a regular basis to Irma da Costa at

City of Tshwane Tourism (Council) activity update

  • Arrangements for the 2011 Indaba exhibition are on track. Tshwane will be integrated with Metsweding and will share the stand with Tshwane Tourism Award winners, Tshwane and Metsweding tourism associations and key tourism attractions. The stand will be part of a GTA pavilion that aims to get a larger presence at Indaba by incorporating all the Gauteng regions. The Tshwane brand will still be prominent within the pavilion area.
  • Geniene Preston from Anytime Media and Events was introduced to present the i-Hubs project that will be appearing at shopping centres all over Gauteng. I-Hubs are information kiosks that have already been launched at Zambezi Mall and Vaal Malls. Geniene is currently negotiating space at Menlyn and Irene shopping malls. GTA is finalising an agreement for the i-Hubs in Gauteng to start officially in April 2011. Tshwane Tourism Division plans to collaborate with GTA to enhance the opportunities for promoting tourism at the shopping malls in Tshwane and throughout Gauteng. Marketing opportunities presented at the meeting include "activation" events at shopping malls once a month and event information hubs at prominent exhibition venues to run their information kiosks. The event information hubs can be branded at a nominal rate and include Tshwane Tourism and its product owners and sub divisions to be a part of the branding and visitor information packs. Geniene Preston can be contacted as follows, Cell: +2783-228-2406, Office: +2711-431-3566.

Safety & Security Alert

Please be aware of a con-artist which books into hotels under the name of Stanley Smith and makes use of a fraudulent card.

For more information, you could contact Junedray Johnson at the Upper Eastside Hotel, 021 812 1110 /

AGM Reminder

Members are reminded about the Annual General Meeting to be held on 29 March 2011 at 16:00 at the Arcadia Hotel.

We would like to encourage you to take the time to attend the AGM and become involved in the activities of the Association. Our city is an untapped gem and has the potential to compete and be as attractive as other top tourist South African and international destinations but only if we, as the private sector in the tourism industry in Tshwane, come together to facilitate the positioning and promotion of a strong city brand.

The TTA is also looking for members who are passionate about actively facilitating and promoting the growth of tourism in the City to serve on the Board of the Association. Board Members have access to information on national, provincial and local government and other tourism initiatives through being invited to participate. The Board is expected to make use of this information plus their industry related expertise in serving the members of the association to the best of their ability. Should you be interested in serving on the Board of the TTA and are able to dedicate a few hours a month to making worthwhile initiatives happen in the city please contact one of the current Board members as listed on the website.

Download the agenda

Be the future you want to see!

Upcoming industry conferences & exhibitions

  • Hotel Investment Conference Africa (HICA) - KwaZulu-Natal - 5 to 6 May 2011
  • Indaba - Durban - 7 to 10 May 2011
  • Sports and Events Tourism Exchange - Cape Town - 27 to 29 July 2011
  • 4th Annual e-Tourism Africa Summit 2011 - Cape Town - 15 & 16 September 2011
  • New Design in Hospitality confex - Johannesburg - 15 & 16 September 2011

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