An antique route that skriks for niks!
Yes we have it - the coolest antique route in the country. From funky furniture to awesome art locals can shop and drop and visitors can shop and ship! Follow the route to fill up your home from the 12 antique shops within a radius of about 5km. Each shop offers a unique experience of what is available in Pretoria north of Stanza Bopape Street. Other interesting shops lining the route are coffee shops and the famous Tony's Pizza.

Cool Capital Biennale
Cool Capital is citizen-led and really about citizens taking ownership and responsibility to creatively re-imagine the Capital City. What do we like about our city? What makes it unique? How can we make it better? That means there are numerous citizen-led interventions all over the city: The beautification of streets, designer stickers for dustbins, etc.

Dinokeng Game Reserve - There's a lion on your stoep!
We are the only city in the world, yes, in the entire world, that has a Big 5 game reserve within the city! Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Lion and Buffalo roam freely on the plains of the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve just north of the city centre. Follow the adventures of the Mongena Lodge rangers and you will soon be tempted to join them for a morning walk or game drive to get in on all the excitement.

Forget Kimberley. We've got the 'grootste gat'!
Just twenty minutes drive from the Pretoria city centre is the quaint little town of Cullinan where time seems to have stood still. The big hole at the Cullinan Diamond Mine is 4 times the size of the Kimberley 'Big Hole'. It was here that the largest gem diamond ever found in the world, the Cullinan Diamond (which now forms part of the British crown jewels) was discovered. A weekend is not enough time to experience the delights of this little town.